El Choto, grill restaurant in Cordoba

El Choto is a grill restaurant with pecularity in the city of Cordoba. Our Roast Restaurant in Cordoba is an specialist in grilled meat, always keeping its flavour and essence, culture and tradition.

The essence that lies in our restaurant is created thanks to all the traditional flavours that we always keep in every one of our dishes. We are main specialists in El Choto’s meat, which defines us and that we are so proud of. This is where the name of our restaurant comes from.

Our restaurant’s cuisine

If you come to visit our city as a tourist or if you are from Cordoba, we invite you to come and enjoy our grilled meat, so you will ejoy an amazing flavour from one of the best quality and most juicy meats that you could ever find. All of our menu is an authentic delish that you won’t let go.

Inside of our menu, you won’t only find grilled meat, but also rich salads and brothes full of aroma and traditional flavour which taste amazing.

In our Roast Restaurant in Cordoba, we always work with the best quality fresh foods from our place, so that we keep all the traditional flavours. We have the Quality Certificate from COVAP, which ensures the best quality that we serve in all of our meals and products that our clients will find.

Dedication in all of our dishes

In our Roast Restaurant in Cordoba, we are sure that the combination between our fresh foods that we work with and the professional services we always offer will make you come back and repeat the experience in our restaurant.

We take care of every small detail from all of our dishes and our experienced team and services will make you feel so comfortable that you will think that you are at your home. This is how we make that all of our clients live an unforgettable gastronomic experience.

We offer everything that you deserve, delicious products with the best high quality, so you can only enjoy the best.

Count on us

You can book a table at our restaurant through our webpage, we will make sure that you won’t regret it .

If you want to receive more information about us do not doubt on visiting or webpage on TripAdvisor.

Restaurante Asador El Choto
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